Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Holy Week Possibilities: Tuesday

So what if we really took the parable of the Last Supper seriously? What if we realized every time we took the bread and cup that we are just like the disciples who shared that meal with Jesus? Jesus washed their feet so that they would understand service to others that involves making them clean too. Our instructions are to go out and share this good news. "You are going to hell, repent" is not exactly good news, but "God loves you and wants you to be clean and fed, both physically and spiritually...and I'm hear to help that happen," now THAT'S good news.

And we have this power because we have the Holy Spirit, the divine spark, inside us. Jesus made sure we understood that by taking bread and drink and reminding us that when we take that into us it becomes part of us. So when we decide for God and God's way, we have God inside us. So what are we waiting for? Do you expect something more powerful than God?

As this week goes on I continue to struggle with the sacrifice part of all of this. I have a friend who prepares a vegetarian Seder. I like the idea that the lamb doesn't need to be sacrificed. Is is possible that Jesus argued that point with God, i.e. no more sacrifice? Could it be that like Abraham and Moses that Jesus had the chutzpah to argue with God to change plans? It would be fitting, and it raises interesting possibilities to ponder.


DavidJSpuria said...

Wow, now you're talking controversy my friend. You mean Jesus did not want to die? I think he knew he had to. But I'm sure he didn't realize that his death would turn into a sacrifice. It raises a complex point. Are we to follow and love Jesus because he died for me? I look at it this way. I love my dad a lot. But if he saved me from being run over by a train, I'd likely love him even more. I mean the love I had for him would change. It would go from obligatory love to a more respectful and grateful love. I think that is where the Christian message works well. Not that blood atones for my idiocy, but that Jesus was willing to go to the Cross knowing the outcome. And us knowing that Jesus knew, makes for a special kind of love that Christians can share. Jesus bails me out of jail everyday here on earth. The concept of Christ consciousness enables me to know I have back up. I'm inspired based on example and not on fire insurance. Most people I know, including my children are going to respond more positively to love as opposed to a threat. I'm not sure I serve a God who wants to threaten me at every turn. God is more a nudger. He nudges in the right direction. I just need to follow.

Culture Dove said...

I struggle with the concept of Jesus needing to die. Is it because God requires sacrifice? Love surely doesn't win with a bloodthirsty god, and I believe surely that God is love. But I do think that Jesus knew not only that he would die, but that he had to. Much like Martin Luther King sensed that he would not make it to the Promised Land with his people but also knew that he couldn't walk away from the path that lay before him. Somewhere in that determination to face down death must be the understanding that if people are going to hear the message it will require someone willing to die for it. It is just that important.

So I suppose that I don't love Jesus more for dying, but that perhaps I would not have known enough to love and follow him if he hadn't.